Our Story

West Michigan Born & Raised

The Schaendorf family has been farming in West Michigan for three generations. In 1994, John Schaendorf and his family purchased an 80-acre dairy farm in Hopkins, Michigan. With humble beginnings, John and his family worked diligently to build their farm. Over the past two decades, the Schaendorf family has cared for their animals and the land.

In 2016, John and his son, Ben Schaendorf, began Schaendorf Cattle Co. The two realized the need for a transparent business model that was able to communicate food processes from start-to-finish, to customers and distributors.

Exceptional Animal Welfare Practices

Throughout their time on the farm, our cattle are provided with proper housing, nutrition, and quality care. Our animals are never given hormones. Learn more about our animal welfare practices.

Caring For the Earth With Sustainable Practices

As a longstanding family farm, we know that sustainability matters. We produce high quality meat by using farming techniques that preserve the environment. Learn more about our sustainable practices.