At Schaendorf Cattle Co. we realize you care about where your food comes from that’s why we believe in transparency when it comes to our farming practices. We wanted to provide high quality meat options in an easy to order format. Whether you are looking to fill your freezer for a few months or need a subscription format, we have you covered. Unlike other online beef suppliers, we apply our sustainable farming practices to how we sell our beef. We thought of cuts and selections that make the best sense to sell so that their is no waste. We love our beef and hope you will too. Enjoy meat bundles from Michigan!

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1/4th Beef Bundle – T-Bone & Porterhouse Option


1/4th Beef Bundle – Filet & New York Strip Option


1/8th Beef Bundle – Filet & New York Strip Option


The Cattleman


The Homestead


The Beef Box


The Tailgater


The Smokehouse


The Crock-Pot Collection


The Burger Box


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