We are excited to be partnered with Jenn Fillenworth from Grand Rapids, MI for this recipe! Jenn is a registered dietitian who puts a focus on making simple and flavorful dishes while also working to inform people that a healthy diet can include all foods. She runs a great blog called Jenny With the Good Eats, can be seen in televised media segments and works as a food liaison for GRNow.com. 

Anyone else ever think a beef wellington was an unattainable in-home meal?? I certainly did until culinary school. Now, I realize it’s just a delicious quick seared steak that’s brushed with something like mustard or cooked mushrooms and covered with puff pastry. It’s really that simple. This is the most elegant thing you could make for a holiday party or for an in-home date night. The key to success is giving your steak plenty of time to rest in the refrigerator after that first sear. You do not want to cut into an over cooked wellington, trust me. For those of you that are lucky enough to have probe thermometers at home, this will definitely come in handy with this recipe. I usually start checking the temp around 20 minutes to make sure I obtain the medium-rare I’m looking for with this cut of beef.


4 Schaendorf beef tenderloin steaks (approximately 6 ounces each)

salt and pepper, to taste

1 tablespoon olive oil

¼ cup Dijon mustard

1 package of puff pastry (2 sheets total)

1 egg, beaten with 1 teaspoon tap water


Preparation (Servings: 6-8):

1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees. While the oven is preheating, heat a cast iron skillet over high heat. Add olive oil to the pan. Salt and pepper each steak as desired and sear each side until a crust forms (about 1 minute per side). Once all sides are seared, place steak in the refrigerator to cool down. Chill approximately 20 minutes.

2) While the steak chills. Roll out each puff pastry sheet to a 14 x 7-inch rectangle. Cut in half to form a 7×7-inch square.

3) Brush the chilled steaks with Dijon mustard and place in the center of the puff pastry. Enclose the steak with the puff pastry, trimming off any excess. Make sure it is well sealed. Cut a small slice in the top of each beef wellington. Brush with egg wash then place on a baking sheet.

4) Bake for 20-25 minutes if medium-rare is desired.

**Note that steaks will continue to cook while rested.

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