We are excited to be partnered with Jenn Fillenworth from Grand Rapids, MI for this recipe! Jenn is a registered dietitian who puts a focus on making simple and flavorful dishes while also working to inform people that a healthy diet can include all foods. She runs a great blog called Jenny With the Good Eats, can be seen in televised media segments and works as a food liaison for GRNow.com. 

The thought had crossed my mind, could meatballs actually be grilled? Well…yes, indeed they can. Be warned though, the nice grilled exterior of this meatball is highly addicting. BBQ sauce is absolutely magical with any type of grilled meat. Feel free to use your favorite brand or even make your own sauce. You won’t believe how delicious AND easy this recipe is. This is the only way to eat meatballs from now on. 


½ cup whole wheat panko breadcrumbs 

1/3 cup milk 

1 pound Schaendorf ground beef 

1 tablespoon McCormick barbeque seasoning 

1 teaspoon kosher salt 

¼ teaspoon black pepper 

1 cup barbeque sauce 

vegetable oil (for grill) 


Preparation (Servings: 4):

1) Preheat grill to 325-350 degrees. 

2) Combine panko bread crumbs with milk and let sit until all milk is absorbed, approximately 2-3 minutes. 

3) Combine milk soaked panko with ground beef, barbeque seasoning, salt, and pepper. Form into 16, roughly 1oz, meatballs. 

4) Oil grill well with vegetable oil. Place meatballs over indirect heat on the grill, I used the top shelf of my grill. Cook for approximately 6 minutes over medium heat, roughly 325-350 degrees, with the lid closed. Once meatballs have browned, brush with a coat of barbeque sauce. Cook an additional 1-2 minutes. Remove meatballs from grill and toss in remaining barbeque sauce. Enjoy!  

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