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If you’re an amateur chef, there are probably a handful of things you already prepare really well. You may have mastered the art of slicing up meat julienne for a salad, or perhaps you have mastered making the best scalloped potatoes anyone has ever tasted. Of course, there are a few things you probably don’t yet know how to do. If you’re ready to graduate from amamteur status, then it’s time to step your game up and head to the grill.

Steaks are probably the single most popular dish cooked right on a grill. It’s a staple at both backyard cookouts and high-end restaurants. Now, if you’ve had steak before, there is probably one cut that really stands out in your mind. It was juicy, savory and delicious. So, how did it get that way? There are specific things you need to do to make the most perfect, delectable steaks. Here’s what you have to do.

First, you need to stop by a local meat market and see what choices they have. The meat market will most likely sell meat bundles so that you get more for your money. Making the choice to buy meat bundles or buy meat in bulk is a great idea if you’re having a party or if you have a large family. If there isn’t a quality meat market or butcher in your area, many of these small businesses now allow you to buy meat online instead.

After you’ve gotten some high quality cuts of steak, it’s time to get grilling! Cooking your steaks immediately upon arrival from the store is often the best idea. However, if you do have to refrigerate or freeze the steak, it’s crucial that you bring it to room temperature before you even begin to prep. While it’s getting to room temperature, you can use the time to clean your grill and get it ready for use.

Next, heat the grill. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to create a variety of heating areas on the space. You need an area of direct heat, but you also need a space for it to cool down a bit if the outside of the steak is getting crispy. For this, keep the coals on one side of the grill and none on the other side.

Now, it’s time to decide how you want your meat cooked. You can choose rare, medium-rare, or well-done, but many butchers consider well-done steaks to be a crime against humanity. Of course, some people accidentally overcook their meat. To figure out when the meat has achieved your desired cook, you need to touch it. If you find that the meat is somewhat soft, it’s rare. If you find that the meat is a little harder, it’s medium-rare. If you notice that the meat is bouncy, it’s cooked medium.

For thicker cut meat, using a thermometer to figure out when it’s done often helps. For thinner cuts, use a timer to keep an eye on when the meat is ready to eat. To check your meat, after you’ve done the “touch test,” try not to cut it up to see what it looks like on the inside. If you really do need to take a look, it’s okay, just not recommended. For reference, though, a medium-rare cut of steak will be mostly pink with a little bit of red in the center. That’s what you should look for.

Finally, after your food is cooked, make sure to let your meat rest. Giving it ten minutes to settle after coming off of the grill ensures that it stops cooking and that you won’t burn your mouth.

So, you’ve become a master of the scalloped potatoes, it’s now time to become a master of the grill. Use the tips above to impress your friends and make the best steak you’ve ever had.

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