According to the USDA’s latest data, the total value of the U.S. cattle and calf livestock industry as of 2015 was $60 billion and growing, while the beef industry was valued at an additional $105 billion. Besides being large, the U.S. cattle and beef industry is an indispensable part of U.S. culture — just think of how deeply ingrained the cowboy is in our culture.

As a result, there a lot of ways to purchase meat, and restaurants and food production companies tend to buy meat in bulk from butchers. Until recently, most consumers simply purchased beef from the local supermarket. But did you know that you can now purchase high quality meat online?

That’s right, the independent, local butcher has been re-imagined for the digital age. And even though not many people are even aware that it is a possibility to buy steaks and other choice cuts online, there are a lot of benefits to purchasing meat packages online to be delivered right to your door.

And rest assured, all the meat is both edible and ethical, sourced direct from farms and ranches that practice sustainability.

One of the biggest advantages to buying meat online is the sheer convenience of it. You don’t have to travel all the way to the local meat market or find one of the few remaining local butchers to do it. All you have to do is open your laptop and order the meat of your choice straight from the ranch where it was produced.

Another benefit of purchasing your meat this way is the fact that you cut out the middle man, and as a result the prices are often much better. You have a variety of options, discounts, and other such benefits. By the time most select cuts of beef arrive at your grocery store, they have passed through several intermediaries and middle men. By purchasing online steak bundles, you can get access to the highest quality meat at far reduced prices.

Lots of Options
Which brings us to the other benefit of ordering your meat online: You get a huge variety of options at the same website, and we’re not just talking about frozen meats, either. There are all kinds of meats to pick from, and no matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it. Even better, it’s delivered right to your door ready for the grill. How convenient is that?

Of course, those are just three of the major benefits of ordering your meat from an online vendor. There are a lot more, like the knowledge that you’re purchasing ethical meat packages from farmers that practice sustainability. For foodies, chefs, and anyone who understands the value of a home cooked meal, ordering steaks online is fast becoming the best way to find the meats of your choosing.

Ready to get fresh meat delivered right to your door? The Schaendorf Cattle Company is a local meat market that’s proud to offer sustainable steak bundles delivered direct to foodies everywhere. All you have to do is order.

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